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2 Chambers pneumatic air-cells cushion

  • The working principles :
    • Internal air ventilation channels allow the air to circulate between the cells, thus enabling the cushion to adapt to all morphology types and producing a significant reduction in transcutaneous pressure
    • The air also circulates between the cells to the outside of the cushion, ensuring good ventilation and thus reducing the effect of maceration
  • "Honeycomb" cell distribution optimises the contact surface, thus providing maximum stability and prevention
  • 2 compartments provide greater patient stability, thus reducing the effect of friction and shearing
  • Laxprene cushion, greater flexibility, elasticity and resistance-to-tearing than neoprenes and polychloroprenes, thus providing the cushion with optimal durability
  • Cushion manufactured with soaking technology, making it more flexible and better able to adapt to inflation pressure
  • The only cushion provided with its own new electronic manometer, for more precise inflation, therefore greater efficacy
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