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Anatomic moulded cushion made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect and an ergonomic insert

  • This anatomically shaped cushion made of viscoelastic memory foam moulds gently and precisely to the contour of the seating area, thus providing greater stability
  • Its anatomic shape combined with the mechanical properties of viscoelastic foam increases the area of contact with the cushion, thus producing a very distinct reduction of transcutaneous pressure, improving patient stability, position and comfort
  • The result of advanced chemical research, Viscoflex® was specifically designed for pressure sore prevention. The very high-density viscoelastic foam gives our Viscoflex® cushions better resistance to permanent deformation than industrial-type viscoelastic foams, thus avoiding punching effects
  • A high weight-bearing foam insert structures the cushion and acts as a framework that increases or reduces support on certain zones in order to:
    • Provide optimal sinking of the bony protuberances of the pelvis (sacrum, ischia) in the cushion: thus, sufficient immersion of the risk zone to ensure the best pressures distribution, but also, simultaneously, controlled and stabilised immersion before the zone where there is a risk of punching
    • Transfer pressure to cushion zones with higher-bearing foam, located in relation to body parts with less risk (thighs, peripheral buttock zone)
    • Prevent forward sliding, thanks to the front-to-back incline, particularly in cases of pelvic retroversion
  • Viscoflex® + cushion is also available with pelvic position support pommel
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