About Apokatastasi.eu

Health jumps!!! from the Orthopaedic House "Apokatastasi"


We worked 15 years with most Greek import stores, trading and manufacture of orthopaedic and orthotics.

Our experience has forced to cooperate directly with the colossal factories abroad.

Our acquaintances have brought to Greece exclusively wheelchairs light type, stable chassis 5 kg only from Denmark, folding wheelchairs powered by & manually Netherlands and leisure wheelchairs for the pool or the sea from the Czech Republic.

The largest tire maker from Germany gave us the mood for our country the most advanced tιres.

In Sweden we found electrically powered wheels that convert any manual wheelchair to electrically powered having dual use motion.

Wheelchair cushions & cervical pillows from France.

Manually & electric beds for homecare, incontinence supplies and air mattresses.

Spanish medical supporters, orthotic and guardians with excellent materials and workmanship restore smaller traffic injuries (knee pads, silicone insoles, ankle support, etc).

Our experienced staff, trained by the greatest European companies responsible proposes suitable solutions for restoring health with ISO certifications & CE.

Wholesale-retailers nationwide.