Return Policy


The products are accompanied by the respective manufacturer as defined by the official delegation. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover damages which result from misuse, drop, humidity, interference by unauthorized service and the product is automatically "out of warranty". Returns are accepted only if the products are returned in exactly the same condition (sealed, have not been in operation) received and accompanied by receipt or purchase invoice within 3 working days of the date indicated in the respective document. In any receipt by the purchaser of a defective product, the following conditions apply:


The product must be returned to the customer at our headquarters, within seven days from the date of purchase, the full cover packaging and proof of purchase.


The failure mode of the product must be due to manufacturer's defect and not damage caused by misuse of the product, for example, not only fall, operation outside manufacturer specifications, interior manipulation by unauthorized technicians etc..


To enable change to be made of the product must first be verified by an official authorized dealer or service, as the store does not have a technical department to verify the operation of the product failure.


If there is sufficient stock to replace the product, "APOKATASTASI - ORTHOPAEDIC HOUSE" may replace the product with another of the same or higher specifications or indicated price or proceed to refund the original purchase price to the customer.